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Sterling silver jewellery box, which we offer, is an article in the shape of a box which has real multi semi-precious and precious gemstones all over. The workmanship of small stones between the big stone makes this Silver box unique and elegant. It makes a unique gift to yourself or anyone who'd appreciate adding a royal touch to their home. It can be used as a decorative article also. This Jewellery Box is ideal to store your jewellery. No machinery is used to make this box; the work is done entirely by hand. This can be made in one gemstones also like all garnet or all amethyst like as per the choice of the customer and the sizes can also be customized.

Information : A hand crafted finest quality decorative utility box made of sterling silver and studded with stones like garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, golden topaz etc. small stones are ruby, garnet,  blue topaz and sapphire. It has been designed beautifully to give a very premium look. 
Dimensions : L 4''  H 2.5'' W 5'' 
Approx. weight  480 to 520 gms
Base Material : silver 
Silver purity : 92.50%
Stones used : All precious and semi precious stones like garnet, amethyst, paridot etc.
Availability  : Custom Order
Time for Delivery : approximately 30 days or more depending on the size of the order
origin : Handmade in India
Sizes : We also customize the sizes according to the demand of the customers
Color Options : This can be made in one gemstones also like all garnet or all amethyst etc. as per your choice. 

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