About Us

                                                                                             Welcome to Indian shaily crafts

We would like to take the privilege of thanking you for your interests in our products. The success that we have seen in the past is attributed to the quality & the price of our products and best possible customer service. You can bet that our prices for such high quality items are the best in comparison to that of any other dealers.

Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within Indian communities. They are a constant source of inspiration for contemporary designers and the subject for global exhibitions representing India. At “Indian Shaily Crafts” we are devoted to support & empower artisans through systematic development efforts. By means of web, we have made an attempt to promote & preserve the integrity of Indian craft & culture. We are making our best efforts to bring craft close to the people who admire them.

INDIAN SHAILY CRAFTS has carved a niche in the market for being the foremost manufacturer, exporter and supplier of exquisite Indian handicrafts. Our range of handicrafts include Marble Handicrafts, Bone Handicrafts, Wooden handicrafts and Brass handicrafts, with among a host of others. Each of our products, known for their intricate designs, innovative patterns and perfect finishing.

Our wide range of Indian handicraft items include Candle Lanterns, Brass lamps, Mosaic lamps, Kettles, vases, Locks, Photo frames, Small and big Boxes, Metal Trinket, Jewelry Boxes, Wood Craft, Metal Craft, Animal Statues, Metal Purses, Mirror Frames, Glass Items, Bone items, Silver articles, Diamond jewellery in gold and platinum etc.

Our products are not mass produced. As all of our items are individually handcrafted, each piece may vary slightly in pattern, colours, texture, and size but will confirm to the same overall design as shown in the photos on our site. Each item has an individualized look and feel which appeals to customers who appreciate the “handmade” look. The slight variation in the Color, shape and size are the essential characteristic of handmade, which adds unique feel to it.

With their creativity and skills, our Handcrafted items are masterpieces of artistic excellence which are highly demanded in the markets of Europe, USA and Gulf Countries.

Customer delight is our motto. If you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions Please write to us directly at indianshailycrafts@gmail.com